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Also known as the Hidden Park due to it's location. Features include;... Read more
Kingman's largest park and recreation center. The facility is used as a... Read more
Centennial Park Pool is a 14 foot, 50 meter pool, that offers a wide range of... Read more
The park was orginally the playground of the nearby grade school in the early... Read more
The Grandview Pool is a neighborhood pool that includes a wading pool for the... Read more
Hubbs Park is adjacent to Old Trails Road (an original path for the very early... Read more
Lewis Kingman Park is named after... that's right, Lewis Kingman. An... Read more
This park features picnic tables, grills, benches, restrooms, a playground, a... Read more
A small but beautiful community park located in Downtown Kingman. Often... Read more
Monsoon Park better known as the "Green Hole" was designed to be a... Read more
Located in the Foothills, Pawnee Park is one of the newest additions to the... Read more
One of Downtown Kingman's most diverse recreational parks, with great... Read more
Features include: picnic tables and sun shelters, BBQ grills, outdoor restrooms... Read more

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